Year 5

Miss Robinson and Miss Woods

Welcome to Year 5!

Hello! Year 5 is made up of 35 children; our teacher is Mrs Wardle and our teaching assistant in Miss Woods. This term we are looking forward to learning all about the Ruthless Romans including the spread of the Roman Empire and it’s impact on Britain, the Roman army, famous Romans and the rebellion of Boudicca.  We will be visiting Segedunum as part of our Wow Week.  Year 5 also have a tri-golf tournament to look forward to.  Check back on our page to see how we get on!





Year 4 Attendance Reward Day

Year 4 have done it! We have the best attendance for this academic year in the whole school. The staff decided to take us for a fun filled day to Hetton Country Park to celebrate our achievement. Some of us had fun playing cricket, football and rounders while others chilled out colouring in and reading in the sun. We enjoyed lunch followed by ice pops then played in the park. Let’s see if any class can beat our attendance next year or will we retain our crown? Well done Year 4; you’re amazing!

Let the games begin…

Year 4 had a fun WOW morning where we took part in a quiz based on the European countries we have been learning about. The gloves were off as we battled against each other to be crowned champions! Thank you to our friends and family for your continued support.

Our visit to the local Gurdwara

As part of our topic on ‘How Sikhs express their beliefs’, Year 4 visited the local Gurdwara. Whilst there we found out all about where Sikhism began, the beliefs and everyday routines and rituals of Sikhs, their holy book – the Guru Granth Sahib and where and how they worship as well been given the opportunity to ask our own questions about the faith. We then enjoyed juice and snacks in their ‘free kitchen’ – the langar.

Russian Artwork

Year 4 have been using a range of techniques such as stippling to create painting based around the various biomes in Russia. These mixed water colours, alongside using these techniques, to paint the Tundra, Coniferous Forest, Grasslands and Tiaga. Ask Year 4 to tell you more facts about these varying landscapes.

Budding Gymnasts

In Year 4, we had our first gymnastic session this week with our coach. We impressed him with our balancing and rolling skills. Check back over the next few weeks to see how we get on.

Super Segedunum

This week, Year 4 enjoyed a visit to the Roman Fort of Segedunum as part of our Ruthless Romans topic. We were put through our paces as Roman recruits, training to become soldiers. We also explored the ruins and found about life for soldiers living on the fort many years ago. Have a look through our pictures to see what we got up to.

Catapults, clay and creating mosaics

As part of our WOW Week on the Romans, we invited our families in to school to work alongside us. We had a fab morning creating Roman amulets from clay, designing our own mosaics and built Roman Scorpion and Ballista catapults. We then tested our aim at the targets!

Super Scientists

Over the last couple of weeks, Year 4 have been investigating the speed of evaporation. Some children set up an investigation with water located in a range of locations; Some children also looked at a range of liquids in the same location. They observed changes over the week and recorded their findings.

Year 4 Quizmasters

This week, we have been learning all about the spread of the Roman Empire and what life was like as a Roman soldier. We used our knowledge to create our own quizzes then tested our friends to see how many questions they could answer.

Super Scientists!

Year 4 have been creating electrical circuits to test insulators and conductors. We designed our own experiments and loved testing them to find out the results.

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