Year 3

Mrs Beattie and Mrs Wardle

Welcome to Year 3!

WOW, where has the time gone ! We can’t quite believe we are in year 3! We have settled into key stage 2 very well and we are enjoying our new topics, especially learning about the ancient Egyptians. Mrs Wardle and Mrs Beattie have promised us lots of exciting lessons and activities so please keep checking out our page to see how much fun we are having !


New Symbols!

Year 1 children are working hard to understand some new mathematical symbols - we have to concentrate very...

Winter Wonderland

In Science, we explored the seasonal changes in Winter. We identified the change in weather,the type of clothing we wear and recognised how the day length varies from season to season. We even had some fun in the snow!

Math Magicians!

We have been using the Dienes equipment in Maths, to make 2-digit numbers. We have been challenging ourselves to solve a range of problems. 1EK are Superstars!

Greetings from our American friends!

This week, we were super excited to open our special parcel! When we looked inside the parcel, we found holiday cards from our partner school in New Jersey, America.
We were all very grateful for the special message we received inside of our cards from our pen-pals.

Follow The Star!

Key Stage 1 worked hard for our Christmas production of 'Follow The Star'.  We all enjoyed performing to our families and...

Dodgeball team games

    Class 1EK participated in team games this week, during Dodgeball. They worked well in teams, demonstrating their throwing and catching...

LAF team

         This week, class 1EK had a lovely surprise from the L.A.F (lifestyle and fitness) team. The pupils discussed the five food groups and identified healthy and unhealthy food. They even took part in a quiz at the end of their activity to identify what they had...

Books with breakfast and a brew !

This week we were delighted to see so many of you at our KS1 Reading Breakfast. The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing stories with their mams, dads, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunties and uncles name but a few.  Remember to keep reading at home and don't...

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