Year 3

Mrs Beattie and Mrs Wardle

Welcome to Year 3!

WOW, where has the time gone ! We can’t quite believe we are in year 3! We have settled into key stage 2 very well and we are enjoying our new topics, especially learning about the ancient Egyptians. Mrs Wardle and Mrs Beattie have promised us lots of exciting lessons and activities so please keep checking out our page to see how much fun we are having !


Science Sorting

This week we have been learning about things which are living, dead or never been alive. See how many we can find at...

Travelling Ted Project

Travelling Teddy arrived at Easington Lane Primary at the end of May. This parcel had first been to France then Portugal. Inside the parcel, alongside Ted was; a variety of brochures, a lovely bouquet of flowers, artefacts carefully wrapped in a brown parcel and Ted’s suitcase with a little sweet treat for the class. The pupils had a lot of fun investigating, exploring and learning more about Portugal and France.

Our Country

This week in Geography, we explored globes and atlases to learn more about the country we live in. We were able to identify, recognise and find the countries in the U.K and name the capitals of those four countries. We discussed the surrounding seas and labelled our own map. We also used the World map to find other countries around the world, including our friends in New Jersey, America.

Reuse Reduce Recycle!

Class 1EK had a visit from Groundwork’s staff this week where they were able to learn more about recycling. They listened to the Charlie and Lola book, ”Look After Your Planet.” They talked about the different materials that can be recycled and opened bags of recycling in the classroom. Each child got the opportunity to choose something, describe what it was and then they had to put it in the correct recycling bin. We are recycling experts!

A Very Royal Occasion!

Year 1 children had a very busy week leading up to half term when we hosted our own royal wedding for our family and friends.  We made flags, bunting and crowns and our visitors helped make buttonholes for us all.  After the service, led by our good friend Jean, we...

Outdoor fun

As part of our Science topic on ‘Plants’ Year 1EK had the opportunity to plant their own sunflower seeds and beans. After learning more about the parts of a flowering plant, naming a range of garden plants, they were ready to get their hands messy! They began their bean diaries and they will continue to observe and record the growth of their bean on a weekly basis.

Royal Wedding celebrations!

Class 1EK and Class 1DS had a fantastic week celebrating the Royal wedding, as part of their WOW week. They were all involved in a variety of arts and crafts and they made food in preparation for the wedding breakfast.

Happy Birthday Buddha!

Year 1 children celebrated the Buddha's birthday with Ross and John from the Oriental Museum in Durham.  We looked at lots of interesting artefacts and had fun guessing what they were!  We are looking forward to learning lots more about the...

Buddha’s birthday

This week, we had a fantastic time with the R.E visitors from Durham University. The children investigated a variety of Buddhist artefacts, learning more that about Buddhist faith, worship and way of life. The children listened and acted out the story of Buddha’s life and enjoyed taking part in meditation.


a Year 1 had a fantastic 'Animal Antics' WOW week which ended in welcoming parents and friends into our school.  They enjoyed looking at our work and watching our lion dance performance then they sang along to our animal...

Our ‘Wow week’

We have had a very exciting ‘animal antics’ week. We been listening to Peter and the wolf, making story maps, investigating musical instruments and listening to an orchestra. In Art, we explored tones in colour, mixing primary colours and learning more about the artist Van Gogh. We painted our own landscape inspired by this artists’ work. At the end of the week, the children were thrilled to perform their Lion King dance to parents.

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