Year 3

Mrs Beattie and Mrs Wardle

Welcome to Year 3!

2019 promises to be an exciting year for us, with lots to look forward to. Our learning in the Spring Term will take us around the world, exploring different habitats, tasting some unusual foods and meeting some exotic animals.

We are a happy bunch and our days are filled with lots of smiles and laughter! We look forward to sharing our memories with you.

Working together…collecting data.

This week we have worked together to collect data about some of our favourite things. From favourite football teams and hobbies to our favourite foods. We illustrated this data on tally charts and bar charts and used it to answer...

Marvelous Medicine Makers !

When we read about George's Marvelous Medicine we had some mischievous but marvelous thoughts! Who could we make medicine for ? We collected lots of weird and wonderful ingredients from all around school, who will we make the medicine...

Delicious Doughnuts !

Eggs, flour, sugar, butter and a little patience, while they cooked, were all the ingredients needed to enjoy some delicious homemade doughnuts dipped in melted chocolate...yum yum...

Exploring Antarctica !

Captain Robert Walter Scott was determined to conquer Antarctica in 1910. He and his fellow explorers endured extreme temperatures and were not able to survive. We took advantage of this week's snow to try and understand how they must of felt in the freezing...

Santa’s workshop aka 2HB

Smiles, laughter and Christmas songs have been the order of the week and what a great time we have had! We look forward to sharing ourChristmas  crafts with you at the...

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Success and Achievement


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