School Uniform


School uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of the school and setting an appropriate tone. It instils a sense of pride and belonging.

However, the Governors believe that school uniform should not be made compulsory, but should be strongly encouraged.

We hope that all parents would support the school by encouraging children to wear uniform as part of the Home / School Agreement.

Please make sure all clothing, including coats, is labelled with the pupil’s name.

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Our uniform consists of blue sweatshirt; blue or white polo shirt; black, grey or navy trousers or skirt; blue fleece in winter and blue dresses for girls in summer.

If children cannot wear uniform, they should wear sensible and appropriate clothing; crop tops, football shirts, jeans and fashion clothing are not allowed. Children only draw attention to themselves by wearing unsuitable clothing, as well as posing a potential safety risk.


Children need to wear suitable footwear so that they can run about and be safe. Platform or high-heeled shoes are unsuitable, as are slip-on shoes, slippers and flip-flops. In the winter, children may keep an extra pair of socks, slipper socks or trainers at school so that their outdoor shoes can be taken off. All areas are carpeted in the school.


Children should adopt sensible hairstyles, ie. nothing that draws attention to themselves, i.e. shaved or highly coloured.

Jewellery / Nails

In the interests of safety, the wearing of jewellery is not allowed, apart from stud earrings and wrist watches. Nail extensions are nor permitted and nails must be of a short length to prevent the spread of infection.

Please remove earrings from young children on P.E. mornings as staff are not allowed to do this.

The school cannot accept responsibility for any accident / injury resulting from jewellery or unsuitable footwear.

Ear-piercing should be carried out at the beginning of the summer holidays.

  1. No more than one stud earring per ear.
  2. No body piercing allowed.

All of this information is in our school prospectus and on our website. All parents should have received a copy. If you haven’t and would like one, please call in at the office.

Parents will be informed if a pupil is unsuitably dressed.

Please contact the school to discuss any of these matters


You can pay online by using Pay For It on the Sunderland Council website.

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