Year 1

Mrs Shurben, Miss Kyle, Miss Woods and Mrs Clough

Welcome to Year 1!

In year 1 we have 2 classes. Class 1DS (Mrs Shurben and Miss Woods) and class 1EK (Miss Kyle and Mrs Clough). In the Autumn term we will begin our topic, through listening to a range of traditional tales, recalling and sequencing events and using familiar phrases.We ensure the children will have lots of valuable, fun learning experiences. We are all very excited to begin our new adventure in KS1 and see what surprises this year brings!




Amazing Bee-Bots!

Class 1DS worked in teams and programmed Bee-Bot robots to help us learn about directions - we are trying hard to know left from...

Order! Order!

Class 1DS worked well as a team to sequence the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Through lots of discussion, we put twenty nine pictures in the right order to help us retell the...

Buzzing about Bee-bots!

This week in Computing, the children were introduced to Bee-bots. They worked in small groups and began to develop an understanding of how to control the bee-bot, using simple step commands. What fun they had programming!

Year 1 Little Dribblers

Year 1 have been working with coaches from the Foundation of Light to improve our football skills.  We also have lots of fun learning to work in pairs and as part of a...

Iggity, Ziggity, Zaggety Zoom!!

This week we have been reading the story 'Room on the Broom'. We have been talking about all of the disgusting ingredients we would use if we made our own potions! Today we used some of those ingredients to make a potion to cast a spell on Mrs Nordstrom! We will be...

Little Dribblers

This week Class 1EK had their first Little Dribbler session with Adam. They played different games and developed their throwing and catching skills in small groups.

Autumn trees

This week Class 1EK got there hands messy! They used their own ideas to paint an Autumn tree, using photographs. The children were able to develop their painting skills, when using colour and pattern.

Take me to church!

As part of our topic work linked to weddings, we took a trip to  church to have a chat with Reverend Ann about the traditions of a wedding and the features of a church. Reverend Ann let us explore the church, identifying and giving us explanations about the features...

The Lane Bakery!

We have been reading the story of the Little Red Hen who worked very hard to make some bread and we decided to make some too in order to help us write a set of instructions.  Everyone listened carefully and worked well together. We had lots of fun and the bread was...

Class 1EK bread ‘bake off’

This week, Class 1EK have been baking bread just like the Little Red Hen! We helped to mix the different ingredients together in the bowl and knead the dough. The next day, we got to knead the dough again and we even got to eat the bread after it had been in the oven. We are cooking experts!

Mr and Mrs Slater!

This week we have been reading the story of 'The Scarecrow's Wedding.' The children have really enjoyed talking about weddings and have shown a real interest in the traditions and meanings behind getting married. We thought what better way is there to learn more about...

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