Year 1

Mrs Shurben, Miss Kyle, Miss Woods and Mrs Clough

Welcome to Year 1!

In year 1 we have 2 classes. Class 1DS (Mrs Shurben and Miss Woods) and class 1EK (Miss Kyle and Mrs Clough). In the Autumn term we will begin our topic, through listening to a range of traditional tales, recalling and sequencing events and using familiar phrases.We ensure the children will have lots of valuable, fun learning experiences. We are all very excited to begin our new adventure in KS1 and see what surprises this year brings!




Tingling Tongues!

Class 1DS were excited to taste a variety of foods to identify the tastes of salt, sweet, sour and bitter - the lemon made us pull some funny...

Work! Work! Work!

Class 1DS have been learning about what kind of jobs people do in our local area.  We found out lots of information when we interviewed adults who do different jobs in our...

Leaping Lions!

Class 1DS are learning to create a sequence of movements with our dance coach from North East Dance.  We are dancing to songs from The Lion King and having lots of fun moving like...

Gymnastics club

As part of our after school activities programme, KS1 have enjoyed participating in gymnastics club. They have already been able to demonstrate their flexibility, strength and balancing skills! Take a look at the pupils getting into a forward roll position. Excellent effort everyone!

New Symbols!

Year 1 children are working hard to understand some new mathematical symbols - we have to concentrate very...

Winter Wonderland

In Science, we explored the seasonal changes in Winter. We identified the change in weather,the type of clothing we wear and recognised how the day length varies from season to season. We even had some fun in the snow!

Math Magicians!

We have been using the Dienes equipment in Maths, to make 2-digit numbers. We have been challenging ourselves to solve a range of problems. 1EK are Superstars!

Greetings from our American friends!

This week, we were super excited to open our special parcel! When we looked inside the parcel, we found holiday cards from our partner school in New Jersey, America.
We were all very grateful for the special message we received inside of our cards from our pen-pals.

Dodgeball team games

    Class 1EK participated in team games this week, during Dodgeball. They worked well in teams, demonstrating their throwing and catching...

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