Miss Hopper and Miss Kyle

Welcome to Reception

We have had a lovely Christmas break and are excited to start our new topics!

In Spring 1 we will be discovering facts about the Arctic. We will be learning about the Inuit community and their traditions as well as their way of life. We will also be learning about the animals that are living in the Arctic and how the environment differs from our own.

In Spring 2 we will be investigating mini beasts, their environment and how they survive. We will also have a special visit from Zoolab, where we will have the opportunity to observe and hold lots of different creepy crawlies.





Exploring Outdoors!

Reception enjoyed the sunshine this week in our outdoor area. They had great fun exploring the mud kitchen, playing with the small world, balancing and experimenting with water!

Our Easter Story!

This week we have been writing and learning about the Easter story. We have been learning about the importance of new life. Throughout the week we have been learning about the life cycle of a chick and the flowering of different plant life in Summer. We learnt about...

Sticky Spider Webs!

This week we have been learning about spiders. We received a letter from Sally the spider requesting us to test new materials for her web. We talked about what qualities a web needed to be strong, bendy and sticky. We then decided that string was the best material for...

Buzzing Bees!

This week we have been learning about bees. The children have been writing about the life-cycle of honey bees and researching and learning about bee keeping. The children expressed an interest in  beehives and wanted to recreate a beehive. The children then planned...

Minibeast WOW week!

This week we have been celebrating our WOW week linked to our minibeast topic! On Tuesday we invited our family to join us for our visit by Zoolab! We met lots of weird and wonderful creepy crawlies, we held them, stroked them and learned lots of interesting facts....

Welcome to the worm hotel!

As part of our mini beast topic we have been learning about worms this week. We have been researching what worms eat and the habitat that they live in. We are experts on what worms need to survive. We decided to construct our own worm hotels using plastic bottles,...

Chinese Dragon Dancing!

Today we began our new PE topic- dance. The coach taught us a Chinese dragon dance ready for our Chinese New Year celebrations. Firstly we performed as a whole group before spiting into boys and girls teams for a dance off! Surprisingly the boys were the winners this...

Arctic Igloos!

This week we started our new arctic topic. We have been learning about the Inuit community and their traditions and ways of life. We discovered that Inuit people often build and live in igloos when travelling from village to village.  We used sugar cubes to try and...

All I want for Christmas is you!

Today we had our early years Christmas party! We had so much fun playing party games and dancing with our friends. The most exciting part of the afternoon was definitely meeting Santa and receiving our special...

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