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REK and RAH consist of 38 children; our teachers are Miss Kyle and Miss Hopper and our higher learning teaching assistant is Mrs Fulton-Wren.

This half term, we are looking forward to learning all about our favourite stories written by the author, Julia Donaldson. We will be exploring a woodland theme, such as the Room on the Broom, Stick Man, the Gruffulo and the Gruffulo’s Child. We will be exploring Forest school further, through making magical potions, finding the Gruffulo and describing snowy, winter scenes.





Wedding celebrations

This week, we enjoyed listening to the “Scarecrow’s wedding” story, written by Julia Donaldson. We decided to have our very own wedding celebration, including our very own bride and groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen and wedding guests. We even had a disco, party food and a dance to celebrate!

Forest school adventures

As part of our “Autumn wow week” celebration, we explored forest school. We investigated the grounds, climbed trees and we even made our own magical potions. We had great fun and warmed ourselves up, by drinking hot chocolate!

Autumn days

We investigated seasonal changes this week. We listened to a range of non-fiction texts, learnt more about Autumn and explored the school grounds for natural objects and mini-beasts. We loved listening to the “Leaf man” story and we used what we found to create pieces of natural artwork.

Exploding Volcanoes

This week, we used a range of materials and tools to make volcanoes! The children discussed how volcanoes were created, they moulded their preferred shape and then painted their final design, using appropriate colour choices.

Discovering dinosaurs!

We had a surprise visitor into the classroom this week! A mysterious dinosaur entered the room when we were playing outside!
He left a trail of footprints, eggs and he even left a huge mess in the small world and paint area. The children had great fun being dinosaur detectives, mark-making and talking about their personal experience.

Exploring Outdoors!

Reception enjoyed the sunshine this week in our outdoor area. They had great fun exploring the mud kitchen, playing with the small world, balancing and experimenting with water!

Our Easter Story!

This week we have been writing and learning about the Easter story. We have been learning about the importance of new life. Throughout the week we have been learning about the life cycle of a chick and the flowering of different plant life in Summer. We learnt about...

Sticky Spider Webs!

This week we have been learning about spiders. We received a letter from Sally the spider requesting us to test new materials for her web. We talked about what qualities a web needed to be strong, bendy and sticky. We then decided that string was the best material for...

Buzzing Bees!

This week we have been learning about bees. The children have been writing about the life-cycle of honey bees and researching and learning about bee keeping. The children expressed an interest in  beehives and wanted to recreate a beehive. The children then planned...

Minibeast WOW week!

This week we have been celebrating our WOW week linked to our minibeast topic! On Tuesday we invited our family to join us for our visit by Zoolab! We met lots of weird and wonderful creepy crawlies, we held them, stroked them and learned lots of interesting facts....

Welcome to the worm hotel!

As part of our mini beast topic we have been learning about worms this week. We have been researching what worms eat and the habitat that they live in. We are experts on what worms need to survive. We decided to construct our own worm hotels using plastic bottles,...

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