Miss Johnson, Mrs Graham and Mrs Wright

Welcome to our Nursery

We have a wonderful nursery and we are excited for the adventure we will take together this year. In our morning Nursery class, you will find Miss Johnson, Mrs Wright and on Wednesdays Mrs Oldham with 15 boys and girls. In our afternoon nursery class we have 14 boys and girls with Mrs Graham, Mrs Wright, Mrs Fulton-Wren (Monday’s) and on Wednesdays Mrs Oldham.

Everyone is always busy learning and so sometimes we may come home a little messy from all that active learning. This term our journey will take us on a dinosaur adventure. Come and take a peek at some of the fantastic things we have been getting up to so far…



Nursery Rhyme Challengers

We love nursery rhymes! Do you? This week we have been taking part in the Nursery Rhyme Challenge. Each day we learnt a new Nursery Rhyme as well as singing lots of our favourites along the way. On Monday we explored floating and sinking when we learnt Bobby Shaftoe. We used the computer to march The Grand Old Duke of Yorks men up and down the hill. We explored colour mixing when we sang Lavenders Dilly on Tuesday. On Wednesday we made a clock for Hickory Dickory Dock and everyone loved playing What time is it Mr Wolf. On Thursday we were busy winding bobbins and on Friday we joined Old King Coles band playing instruments. After a busy week we drew pictures of our favourite nursery rhyme. Whats your favourite?

Making a poppy wreath.

The children in nursery talked about why we wear a poppy at this time of year. We used our cutting skills to make a poppy wreath to hang on the nursery door for Remembrance day.

Playdough disco.

In Nursery we love to join in with play dough disco. We dance to the music and use the dough to exercise our hands, arms and fingers. Squeezing the dough strengthens our muscles and develops our fine motor skills.

Bonfire Celebrations

Today everyone was talking about the fireworks they had seen. We were all very busy making beautiful pictures of fireworks. We also have been learning about Firework safety. We learnt that in the Firework Safety Code we need to be 5 years old to hold a sparkler so we made our own sparklers to play with outside. They were colourful and so much fun!

Bonfire baked potatoes.

How do you celebrate Bonfire night? In Nursery we have been learning about some of the ways we celebrate November 5th. Today everyone enjoyed the baked potatoes we cooked around our role-play bonfire.

Brilliant Bakers

This week we have been reading the story The Little Red Hen. We found out that The Little Red Hen’s friends wouldn’t help her make some bread. We all worked together with our friends to make some loaves of bread. We helped with the mixing and kneading the dough. After it was baked we all shared the bread. It tasted delicious!

Learning Together

What a busy afternoon of Harvest songs, crafts and soup. Well done to all the boys and girls for their fantastic singing. We thought all your Autumn crowns looked wonderful.

Harvest Celebrations!!

Today we celebrated harvest with a special assembly! We performed our favourite songs and made special harvest soup for our families! We enjoyed completing lots of crafts and activities with our families including painting, drawing, playdough moulding, leaf decorating...


In nursery this week we have been playing with shapes. We have been having fun using different 2D shapes to make dinosaur pictures. How many shapes can you name?

Dinosaur Adventures

This week we found our nursery class had had a special visitor. Everyone was so shocked and excited. Mummy dinosaur had left footprints all over our classroom and her nest with three eggs. She left us an important letter asking us to take very good care of them. We thought of rules that we would need to follow to keep them safe. All week we have been busy making dinosaur soup to feed to the baby dinosaurs when they arrive. We hope they like it. We even thought we could here the eggs cracking!

Team work

This week everyone has been busy solving problems. How do you get pom poms out of a tall cylinder? Well some of our children worked together as a team and managed to get them out! We even had some excellent team work to make our dinosaurs some soup in the mud kitchen. I hope the dinosaurs enjoy it.

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