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Dragon Dancing

To celebrate Chinese New Year we had a go at some dragon dancing in PE! It was great fun and we used all of the dancing skills we have been learning this term to create our own dances and work as a...

Super Segedunum

This week, Year 4 enjoyed a visit to the Roman Fort of Segedunum as part of our Ruthless Romans topic. We were put through our paces as Roman recruits, training to become soldiers. We also explored the ruins and found about life for soldiers living on the fort many years ago. Have a look through our pictures to see what we got up to.

Catapults, clay and creating mosaics

As part of our WOW Week on the Romans, we invited our families in to school to work alongside us. We had a fab morning creating Roman amulets from clay, designing our own mosaics and built Roman Scorpion and Ballista catapults. We then tested our aim at the targets!

Haka warriors

In topic we have been learning all about the continents and today we leaned about Oceania and specifically about New Zealand. Our favourite thing about New Zealand was the Haka that they dance before a rugby match so we decided to make up our own Haka! It was great...

Exploring Antarctica !

Captain Robert Walter Scott was determined to conquer Antarctica in 1910. He and his fellow explorers endured extreme temperatures and were not able to survive. We took advantage of this week's snow to try and understand how they must of felt in the freezing...

Looking inside the earth.

In year 3 we have been learning about the world in Geography. We had a great time looking at the world and the different layers that make up the earth. Using modelling clay, we could make the different layers, name them and make a model of the earth. Can you see the...

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