Miss Gilliland and Miss Oldham

Welcome to KS1 – KG!

In KS1-KG our teacher is Miss Gilliland and we are supported in class by Miss Oldham and we are so excited for the fun year ahead! Our topic this term is what a wonderful world and we are exploring all seven continents and what exciting things there are in each one. We are also learning about the arctic and antarctic and the animals that live there! We look forward to sharing our learning with you over the next year.



Dragon Dancing

To celebrate Chinese New Year we had a go at some dragon dancing in PE! It was great fun and we used all of the dancing skills we have been learning this term to create our own dances and work as a...

Haka warriors

In topic we have been learning all about the continents and today we leaned about Oceania and specifically about New Zealand. Our favourite thing about New Zealand was the Haka that they dance before a rugby match so we decided to make up our own Haka! It was great...

Library Loving

Every Thursday we go to the library in school and it's a great chance to have a read through a few stories and change our books to take home. We love this time as we get to sit on comfy seats and have a chat about a good book and hear a story from the...

Christmas Jumper Day!

On Friday our class stepped up to the challenge and put on our most crazy and colourful Christmas jumpers and I think you'll agree we all look fabulous! We had a great day of Christmas crafts, games and Christmas dinner (the best...

Commandments Galore

This week in RE we have been learning all about the 10 commandments and how we can use these rules to help us live a better life. Afterwards we wrote our own commandments that we thought would make the world a better...

Nativity Preparations!

The past few weeks we have been working super hard preparing for the nativity. We have been practising all our lovely songs and learning lines. We can't wait to show off all our hard work to everybody on...

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