Handwriting and Presentation

When communicating ideas in writing it is important that children use a handwriting style which is neat and legible. The importance of handwriting should not be under-estimated. It is vital that children can write quickly, comfortably and legibly as it is a skill needed in many curriculum areas. Children’s self-esteem is also heightened when they are able to take pride in their handwriting.

Our children begin their handwriting journey by mark making in Little Legs and nursery to developing their letter formation throughout reception progressing to our children developing a joined, confident handwriting style that is clear, legible and fluent, which will free the writer to write and not worry about letter formation.

Our handwriting and presentation policy details the letter formation used in school.

Handwriting and Presentation Policy-Jul 17

The following provides examples of mark making and hand writing across the school. If you require any further information please contact the class teacher.

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