Year 5

Mr Oliver, Mr Plant, Mrs Plant and Mrs Sawyers.

Welcome to Year 5!

Hello and welcome to class 5RO!

Summer term is here already and we eagerly look forward to the many activities we are going to take part in. Some of the highlights of the upcoming term are: an educational visit to Rainton Meadows nature reserve to learn more about the life-cycles of both plants and animals, continuing our swimming lessons, a visit to Sunderland Marina to take part in outdoor and adventurous P.E. activities and learning about how life in Britain changed as we moved from the stone-age into the iron-age.

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Roman Numeral Puzzles

Some of Year 4 worked together to solve a roman numeral crossword. We were so proud of each other when we completed it! For some of us, it was our first time trying to do a crossword of any kind and Mrs Wardle made it even harder by making us solve calculations in roman numerals!

LAF Team

The Sunderland LAF Team have been working alongside Year 4 around leading a healthy lifestyle. We discussed the different food groups and what makes up a balanced meal and we were shocked when we found out how many teaspoons of sugar there are in a mars bar and a can of coke!

Mysterious Maths

We have been completed puzzles in Maths – some us completed paper jigsaws and some of us created our own addition fortune tellers. It was great fun making our own questions to test our friends on and we had fun playing against each other. Some of us even included decimal addition! We are now addition superstars!

Maths Challenges

Kassidy and Charlie worked together to complete a rounding puzzle. They completed the puzzle, even rounding to the nearest tenth and hundredth! Well done!

Hockey Skills in Year 4

We have been working on our hockey skills in Year 4. We have a quick sticks hockey tournament coming up in November and are improving our dribbling, passing and shooting skills.

Team building in Class 5

This week we have been working on our team building and communication skills. Mrs Wardle and Mrs Rutherford set us group challenges – they were very impressed with us!

All About Me!

We are Class 5. We created our own posters about ourselves including a self portrait, an acrostic poem and images which represent each of us.

Class 5 Class Rules

Class 5 have been working together to create our class rules. We decided on what we thought was important and ranked them in order. We then created our class display.

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