Year 5

Mr Oliver, Mr Plant, Mrs Plant and Mrs Sawyers.

Welcome to Year 5!

Hello and welcome to class 5RO!

Summer term is here already and we eagerly look forward to the many activities we are going to take part in. Some of the highlights of the upcoming term are: an educational visit to Rainton Meadows nature reserve to learn more about the life-cycles of both plants and animals, continuing our swimming lessons, a visit to Sunderland Marina to take part in outdoor and adventurous P.E. activities and learning about how life in Britain changed as we moved from the stone-age into the iron-age.

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From Me To Sea

Year 4 have enjoyed learning about pollution caused by US and how this impacts on marine life. We found out all about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and designed posters and fact files about what we can do to minimise pollution. Ask us about what we’ve learnt – you’ll be impressed with our knowledge!

Skip Dance Champions

A huge well done to our fantastic Year 4 children who won today’s Skip Dance festival at Houghton Kepier. Amazing skills and dancing from you all – super teamwork! City finals in June here we come!

Plants Match Up

Year 4 have been learning about the different parts and functions of plants. We had fun trying to pair up names with the description of what each part does. Next week, we are beginning our investigation into plant growth. Come back soon to see how we get on.

Roman Gods Top Trumps

We have enjoyed finding out about Roman Gods and Goddesses this week, looking at the similarities and differences between Roman and Greek Gods. Class 5 loved using information about each God and Goddess to create our own top trumps cards based on power, strength, weapons and importance. We then played against each other to see who came out on top!

Time Twister!

We are now time experts in Year 4. We have been working on converting between digital and analogue times and put our skills to the test playing follow me cards.

Magnificent Magnetism

In our first lesson looking at magnets and forces, we carried out an investigation around school to see which types of metals would attract magnets and which would repel them.

Winter Art

We used paints to create winter scenes and decided on the perspective we wanted our picture to be seen from. Look at the end results!

Greek Food Tasting

To complete our topic on the ‘Groovy Greeks’, Year 4 took part in a food tasting session. We tried different culinary delights such as calamari, halloumi, feta cheese, yoghurt, olives and tzatziki. Our facial expressions will tell you whether we liked the food…

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