Class 5

Mrs Wardle

Welcome to Class 5 (Year 4).

Our class is made up of 28 superstars and our teacher is Mrs Wardle.  We also have support from Mrs Plant, Mrs Donkin and Mr Plant.

In the Summer term, we are going to be learning lots.  Our main topic this term is ‘From Me To Sea’.  We are currently taking part in the Greenwatch project with Hetton Local and National History Society to learn about our personal responsibility for the pollution seriously affecting our seas and oceans by our neighbourhood / personal littering habits. This project includes taking field trips to become acquainted with the creatures and coastal habitat at risk locally and subsequently, globally.  Our visits this term will include: the Blue Reef Marine World, Tynemouth, including an Eco-tour, a visit to Seaham beach to study the habitat and litter as well as visible pollution sources, a local litter pick / litter evaluation followed by a visit to Hetton Burn to take a Riverfly sample (invertebrates in the water determine pollution levels) where we will evaluate the habitat and pollution sources and hopefully a visit to a recycling centre.

This year we are looking forward to taking part in many sports competitions (including the finals of the Skip Dance Festival where we hope to retain our championship title).

Please keep visiting our amazing class page to keep up to date with Class 5’s journey throughout Year 4!




What a load of rubbish!

Year 4 had a fun-filled time this week visiting a recycling centre where we learnt all about how rubbish is transformed into other products that can be re-used. We got our hands dirty making our own paper and we can’t wait until our finish product is delivered to school next week.

Rock Pooling Fun!

As part of our ‘From Me To Sea’ project, Year 4 visited Seaham Beach to find out about the pollution levels and what this means for our local environment and sea creatures. We had fun in the rock pools where we found lots of interesting creatures. Ice creams in the sun finished off a lovely day for us all.

Super Skip Dancers

Last week, we took part in the skip dance finals. We are so proud of ourselves reaching the final 7 schools out of the 43 which took part. Unfortunately we aren’t the overall champions this year but did ourselves and the school proud. We have many gold, silver and bronze winners amongst us too – what a talented bunch we are!

Time To Clean Up!

This week, we spent some time in Hetton town centre picking up litter and analysing the main types of rubbish in our local area. We then made our way to Hetton Burn to take part in a river fly sampling activity where we observed the creatures in the water. As we found fresh water shrimp and a cased caddis fly, we determined that the pollution was moderate to low level. Finally, we enjoyed some free time in the park and an ice lolly to cool off! It was a fun day had by all and the staff were so proud of us!

Blue Reef Aquarium

Year 4 visited the Blue Reef Aquarium as part of our topic ‘From Me To Sea’ where we looked at how pollution can ultimately affect marine animals. A fun-filled day with sharks, otters, seals, rays, turtles and thousands of fish was had by all!

Playmaker Training

Some of our year 4 and 5 children have been taking part in Playmaker training over the past two weeks. This is a course to provide them with the skills to organise and lead games at playtime and lunch. They all thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and passed with flying...

Terrific Tri-Golf

Some of our Year 3 and 4 children had lots of fun taking part in a tri-golf competition with lots of other local schools. We showed off our chipping and putting skills and demonstrated super accuracy. Mrs Wardle and Mrs Donkin had a fantastic time with us!

Marvellous Maths

The first lesson using our maths mats and Mrs Wardle was so impressed! We are maths superstars and could explain our reasoning behind our decisions. Lots of maths fun ahead using these boards!

From Me To Sea

Year 4 have enjoyed learning about pollution caused by US and how this impacts on marine life. We found out all about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and designed posters and fact files about what we can do to minimise pollution. Ask us about what we’ve learnt – you’ll be impressed with our knowledge!

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