Year 3

Mr Trotter, Mr Bircham and Mrs Sawyers

Welcome to Year 3!

Class 3MB and 3ST have been settling nicely in to Year 3. We are all really excited to learn new skills with our new teachers. We have been learning how to play hockey in PE and are loving getting to  grips with our Ancient Egyptians topic! Read on to find out more…




Super Sunglasses!

As part of our science topic ‘Light’, we investigated the effects that the Sun has on us and on objects. We then designed and made a pair of sunglasses to protect our eyes.

Year 3 soccer stars!

For the weeks running up to Christmas year 3 will be learning skills related to football. So far we have loved learning about movement and ball control! Who knows, we might even have a Beckham of the future among us!

Light and Shadow Investigators

We have been learning about light and shadow and the dangers of the sun’s rays as part of our science and D&T topic. We discussed how the sun’s rays can damage our skin and eyes and how we can protect ourselves. By planning and exploring various materials we came up with our own designs for a pair of sunglasses which we are now building ourselves (not that we expect to need them for a few more months!)

Church visit

This week, all of Year 3 went on a visit to see the Reverend Ann at St Michael’s Church. We had a fabulous time exploring the church and finding lots of information about Christian symbols.

Class 3MB test out their powers of persuasion.

It's been an interesting week for class 3MB who used their persuasive language as part of their writing activity to attempt to convince Mr. Bircham to give them 15 minutes of golden time every Friday afternoon. This produced some great discussion and even better...

Fire! Fire!

Year 2 were visited by Peter from the Fire and Rescue Service.  We learned about how to keep safe and how to prevent fires.  Peter told us all about the Fire of London and about the Fire Service now and then.  We looked at the equipment that firefighters use - we...

Sunflower Challenge!

After weeks of carefully looking after our sunflowers, Class 3 are proud to announce the winner of our Sunflower Chalenge is Griffin House!  We enjoyed watching all the flowers grow and were very pleased with the...

Premier Leauge Primary Stars!

Class 3 worked with Jack, Cameron and Nathan from the Premier League Primary Stars Programme.  The activities are based around 4 values - Be Ambitious, Be Connected, Be Inspiring and Be Fair.  We worked on Be Ambitious, trying to move creatively in different ways.  We...

Digging Down Deep!

Class 3 found our more about how Vicorian children felt working down a mine through role play.  We found out it was very tiring and dirty...

Artful Dodgers!

Class 2 have been practising their catching skills to improve their dodgeball game.  We work very hard during the lessons with Adam and Eden from the Foundation of Light and we are very competitive working in our house...

Walking Wise!

Year 2 are taking part in a Child Pedestrian Training Programme called Walkwise to help us keep safe on the roads.  We are having lots of fun along the way with Lorraine who is working with us to help us become more aware of dangers and how to cross roads safely. ...

The Challenge Continues!

Class 3 are looking after their sunflowers very carefully as the challenge to grow the biggest sunflower continues!  We regularly measure them carefully to see which house is leading.........keep posted to see the final...

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