Year 2

Mrs Beattie and Miss Oldham

Welcome to Year 2!

Happy New Year everyone ! We hope you can see how much fun we have had in year 2 so far and we are looking forward to sharing many more with you. This term we are becoming Arctic Explorers and we promise to amaze you at home with all of our newly learned facts.

Strictly Come Dancing beware ! Each week in PE we will be dancing with a specialist¬† dance instructor…we are excited to learn some new super moves !






Catch me if you can !

To me, to you, under, over, around and through. These are the passing techniques we have been practising in PE. We are using bean bags and balls to develop our throwing and catching skills. Now that we have some sunshine  see if you can find a ball to practiseat home...

Right, left, right, left!

Clockwise or anti-clockwise, which way are we turning? This week we have been using positional language to describe the movement of ourselves and objects. We have also used grids to give each other directions to a...

Lost and Found

Lost and Found, written by Oliver Jeffers. is a heart warming story of a boy who finds a penguin on his door step and kindly looks after him. This week we worked in pairs to write story plans to retell the story in our own words. We used our imaginations to add lots...

Gymnastics club

As part of our after school activities programme, KS1 have enjoyed participating in gymnastics club. They have already been able to demonstrate their flexibility, strength and balancing skills! Take a look at the pupils getting into a forward roll position. Excellent effort everyone!

What happens at a Baptism?

This week we were visited by Rev. Anne who came to talk to us about Baptism. We listened to the story of when Jesus was baptized, we discussed what it means to 'belong' and what happens at a Baptism in a...

Super Snow!

How can anyone say they don't like the snow ! We absolutely love it and had lots of fun today. It also helped us to think about our topic...the Arctic and how cold it must be to live...

Monday morning workout !

Phew, we were exhausted after our PE session today. With the help of Joe Wicks we used all of our muscles and energy to follow his school workout. We will sleep well tonight...

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