Year 2

Mrs Beattie and Miss Oldham

Welcome to Year 2!

We have had a super start to year 2 and we are looking forward to the next part of our learning journey. This term promises to be filled with lots of new and exciting topics and we know we will be having lots of fun along the way. In class we are always keen to share our experiences and ideas with each other. We hope you enjoy sharing our learning with us too…






The life of Venerable Bede

Did you know that Venerable Bede was born in 673 and he lived near Monkwearmouth in Sunderland? When he was 7 years old he was sent to a monastry and became a monk. This week Elizabeth, from Tillytoo Tales, came into school and spoke to the children about the life of...

It’s raining, it’s pouring…

There are many different materials which are used for many different things. We have been experimenting to try find out the most suitable material which can be used to make an umbrella. We had great fun finding...

How to make a healthy pizza!

Cut, chop, slice, spread and cook  are examples of the 'bossy' verbs we have been using this week. We had lots of fun making our delicious healthy pizzas and have written instructions so that others can enjoy them...

You Be You

We have started year 2 by thinking about the things which make us special and how we can feel happy by appreciating the good things in life. We have decided that it is important to believe that anything is possible, to think happy thoughts and most of all spend time...

Seaside drawings

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside! Class 1 have been using their observational skills to draw seaside objects. They carefully looked closely at the line, texture and shape of each object. They even began to practise shading and experimenting with dark and light tones.

How does your garden grow?

After learning lots about trees, flowers and plants, Class 1 got to work and planted their own beans! Through careful planning of what was needed and by following step by step instructions the children soon had their own bean plant of their own. We will closely watch them over the next few weeks!


This week, we have been learning about lighthouses. We identified where lighthouses can be found in different seaside resorts. We also discovered the different sections within a lighthouse and what makes them so important. We looked closely at the patterns and colours used from photographs and pictures to create our own drawings. Take a look at our fabulous creations!

Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

This week, we have been reading the Lighthouse Keeper’s lunch story. Poor Mr Grinling- those seagulls keep eating his lunch! We decided to help Mrs Grinling and invent our own clever plan. To see what all the fuss was about, we had a taste challenge and some children were brave enough to try different ingredients. We then came up with our own sandwich to scare away those pesky seagulls! Would you try mustard or marmite?

Fine Motor Skills

We love practising our fine motor skills to help improve our letter formation. We showed super concentration skills when threading the flowers this week. Take a look at our great activities.

Sunflowers galore!

Class 1 made their own Sunflowers this week in Science. They thought carefully about where to place their leaves on the stem and they labelled their plants using the correct vocabulary. We then discussed the importance of each function and how plants grow and stay alive. Next week, we will write our instructions to tell others how we made them.

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