This week it is National Anti-Bullying Week 2017. It is so important that we all know what bullying is and how to stamp it out!
Our school has been taking part in lots of different activities this week including: odd sock day, designing anti-bullying posters (for the Sunderland City Competition) , re-writing our anti-bullying policy and of course learning all about different types of bullying and how to help prevent them.
In our school we have lots of techniques to help us prevent bullying: We have prefects supervising the toilets, buddies on the school yard looking for a friend in need, an anti-bullying team who meet regularly and worry boxes – to name just a few!

Our school took part in National odd sock day this week; on Tuesday we wore odd socks (of course) to show that everyone is different and everyone is equal. All of our socks were different but they all kept our feet warm and toasty just the same.

We think that it would be very boring if everyone looked the same and thought the same in our school.
Everyone in the world we share has different talents, beliefs, thoughts and abilities and you should never be rude to people about their ideas or force your beliefs upon someone else. It’s good to talk and learn from one another. Diversity makes the world a more interesting place.

In 6LG, we enjoy discussing diversity and equality – we have been learning just how diverse and amazing our world actually is.
On Thursday this week, we made an anti-bullying video based on diversity with Jane Adamson to show everything we have been discussing and learning. It will soon be posted on our website so we hope you check it out.

Our school is currently in the process of renewing our Anti-bullying Charter mark.

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