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Good attendance is vital if your child is to make good progress at school. We also believe that children getting to school on time is essential. We expect parents to support this and let us know if there are any problems. We monitor attendance rates every term and inform parents if a child has dropped below the trigger (for the year 2018/19 this will be 97%).

You can read our Attendance Policy here.

If your child is sick or away from school for any reason, telephone to let us know as soon as possible. This is especially important as the school is legally required to report reasons for absence. If you need to take your child out of school during the day, it is very important that you:

  • let us know in advance (telephone or speak to the class teacher).
  • collect your child from their teacher as children cannot be allowed to meet you off school premises or be collected from the playground without prior permission.

For more information about absence and infection control in school please click here.

Please do not take holiday during term time. Unless there are special circumstances, absences will be classed as unauthorised. Parents should see the school office for a Leave of Absence form.

The Key Stage 1 Assessments take place in May and Key Stage 2 (Year 6) week commencing 13th May 2019. The year 1 phonics screening test will take place week commencing 10th June 2019.

If the school has any concerns with attendance or punctuality the Attendance Officer will visit your home and it may be necessary to invoke our attendance procedures.

Fixed Penalty Notices
Pupils‟ absence will be monitored regularly and if the Local Authority‟s trigger is met, the school will consider requesting the Fixed Penalty Notice procedures are instigated:

  • A FPN warning letter may be sent to a parent if their child has 20 or more unauthorised absences during a 10 week period.
  • A FPN may be issued to a parent if their child has further unauthorised absences during the 15 school days following the receipt of the final warning letter.
  • A FPN may be issued if a pupil has unauthorised absence resulting from an unauthorised holiday in term time
  • A FPN currently requires payment of £60 within 21 days or £120 within 28 days, and will result in prosecution for unauthorised absence if unpaid.
  • A pupil who takes 10 days holiday during the academic year can only attain 94.7% attendance.
  • A pupil who takes 10 days holiday in each academic year could lose the equivalent of 22 weeks (almost 6 months – about 2 terms) during their formal school career.



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