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SAFC Foundation of Light

SAFC Foundation support work with children and parents across school in a variety of activities.

improving futures

Improving Futures

Evaluating and sharing learning from Improving Futures.

Autism Outreach Team

The AOT offers support and guidance to professionals, parents/carers and children/young people.


Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech & Language Therapy Services operate an open referral system.


Language and Learning Partnership

The Language and Learning Partnership outreach service is for children in mainstream education within Sunderland between the ages of 2-13, who, because of their moderate to severe language or learning difficulties, are having difficulty accessing the curriculum.

Children's Sensory Team

Children's Sensory Team

The overall aim of the Team is to be involved with all children in the City who have significant sensory impairments. If a child is suspected of having a hearing or visual loss a referral should be made by the child’s GP, to the relevant departments at Sunderland Royal Hospital, or Sunderland Eye Infirmary.

Nursery/KS1 Behaviour Team

Nursery/KS1 Behaviour Team

If a children  presents with challenging emotional and behavioural concerns within their school setting. The Team works in partnership with schools to support the development of positive attitudes to learning, conduct and behaviour in and around their settings.  The Team supports the engagement of children and their families to improve progress and positive outcomes.

KS2 Behaviour Support Service

The KS2 Behaviour Support Service works with schools/academies to improve behaviour and to secure engagement of children/young people. The service is a school only referral.

Community C.A.M.H.S

Community C.A.M.H.S

The Community Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CCAMHS) is a team of professionals who offer support and advice to aid mental health promotion and positive well-being.

Our service works with children and young people aged 0-18 who may be showing signs of behavioural difficulties and/or emotional distress

Community C.A.M.H.S

Activities for children and adults in the Coalfields

Sunderland Children’s Centres provide a range of events and activities across all our locations. Use the listing and search to find something happening near you…

Success and Achievement


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